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Forthcoming Heading link

  • Judy, T., Chaoch-Orozo, A., Puig-Mayenco, E., Miller, D., Martin Villena, F. (accepted). Testing the Competing Systems Hypothesis: The case of aspect in L2 Spanish. Second Language Research
  • Leal, T., Hoot, B., & Miller, D. (in prep). Real-time comprehension of information structure in second-language Spanish. Language Learning
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  • Miller, D., Abugaber, D., Solis Barroso, C., Delgado, R., & Escalante Martínez, J. A. (in prep). Maintaining political beliefs in the face of counterevidence: The role of bilingualism.
  • Miller, D. (in prep). Foreign accented speech and non-native grammar affect credibility differently.
  • Miller, D., Chaoch-Orozo, A., & González Alonso, J., Abugaber, D., Escalante Martínez, J. A. (in prep). Masked priming and semantic associations in bilingualism.
  • Miller, D., DeLuca, V., Swanson, K., & Rothman, J. (submitted). New Horizons: The psycho- and neurolinguistic data record in Generative Second Language Acquisition. Handbook on Second Language Acquisition and Neurolinguistics

Publications Heading link

  • Cheng, Y., Cunnings, I., Miller, D., Rothman, J. (2021). ERPs reveal that determiner-number specification matters for both L1 and L2 processing of non-local agreement. Studies in Second Language Acquisition 
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